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Emo jacket for the movies (emo boy not included)

Philips Electronics is working on a jacket that can let you more closely experience the on-screen action--causing a shiver to go up your spine, for example, or creating a feeling of tension in your limbs.

By Mar. 24, 2009


Free playlist: Finding Emo

Free playlist: Finding Emo

By Apr. 17, 2008


Give a smiley face to the emo keyboard

Why waste time typing out carats, colons, dashes, and parentheses when one button from the emo keyboard can do it for you?

By Nov. 25, 2008


Element's emo iPod speaker, with wings

Vestalife is releasing a limited edition version of its Ladybug iPod speaker system, branded by Element Skateboards.

By Jan. 3, 2008


Furnishings from Versailles' lesser-known 'Salon du Emo'

The Amadeus Sound System chair is an Old World parlor chair that has stereo surround.

By Dec. 14, 2006


Dracula just got a lot more emo: Piczo, Penguin host cover design contest

The teen-oriented social-networking site teams up with the book-publishing house for a competition that encourages kids to design new covers for old books.

By Aug. 2, 2007


No More Woof reads dog brainwaves, translates to speech

The in-development No More Woof project aims to translate dog brainwaves into human speech through a crowdfunded device.

By Dec. 18, 2013


'Game of Thrones' gets 'Simpsons' art treatment

Collect them all! Artist Adrien Noterdaem has done up most of the massive "Game of Thrones" cast as "Simpsons" characters.

By Jul. 8, 2013


Audio speakers get a new look and feel

At DemoFall 09, Emo Labs is unveiling its all-new speaker technology. Geared toward shrinking consumer electronics devices, the speakers are ultra-thin, yet promise great sound.

By Sep. 22, 2009