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Apple lands prime spot in the Dow, as AT&T departs

The world's most valuable company joins Wall Street's pre-eminent stock index, a key metric of the nation's economic performance.

By March 6, 2015


You are the query: Yahoo's bold quest to reinvent search

Yahoo hasn't been known for search since Google took that crown long ago. Can CEO Marissa Mayer turn the company into a player again? She's trying.

By December 3, 2013


Cat videos lead to Emmy for YouTube engineers

The video site's engineering masters earn an Emmy award for processing and delivering the vast majority of the Internet's streaming videos.

By October 21, 2013


How Facebook is banishing roommate horror stories from the dorm

Ah, the dreaded college roommate. Or the perfect roommate. It's all less of a guessing game, thanks to -- you guessed it -- Facebook.

By August 31, 2013


Is the Samsung-Google alliance heading for a crossroads?

As Samsung unveils its next flagship Android device, there are things happening behind the scenes that could threaten the future of the Samsung-Google alliance.

By March 14, 2013


Lucas: Disney might have been Star Wars' only hope

In a video explaining why he sold his media empire to Disney, George Lucas said the entertainment giant would be the best bet to protect Lucasfilm and its cash cow, the "Star Wars" franchise.

By October 30, 2012


Sony should push the OLED barrel to save its skin

There was a time when we waited on a new Sony product, and the company could squirrel away profits by charging higher prices and offering fewer items. Those times could come around again if it played its trump card.

By March 4, 2012


Strong Q4 for LinkedIn, shares rise slightly after hours

The job-search social network reported a fourth quarter revenue of $167.7 million, up 105 percent compared to $81.7 million for Q4 2010.

By February 9, 2012


Buzz Out Loud 1546: Apple needs an iChain for its prototypes (Podcast)

The plot thickens on the lost iPhone prototype story: was there a police report? Did police escort Apple employees to a suspect's house and then stand by while those employees searched the place? Did Apple really not have security for its prototypes before the job listings they just posted? But the real question we have for everyone today is this: What is wrong with George Lucas and who will put a stop to his endless "Star Wars" tinkering!?

By September 6, 2011


Harsh lessons from Evergreen Solar flame-out

Evergreen Solar was a darling of Massachusetts politicians until it fell apart. But there's plenty to learn from what went wrong at this once-promising company.

By August 17, 2011