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Launched in 2005, Charlottesville Tomorrow's mission is to inform and engage the public by providing clear, non-partisan information and research...

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Sprint's Hesse leaves carrier the way he found it: Needing a turnaround

Dan Hesse, stepping down as chief of the US's third-largest wireless carrier after seven years, helped clear up Sprint's baggage. But the company still lacks a key essential: new subscribers.

By August 7, 2014


How well does your ISP stream Netflix?

Netflix releases report about which bandwidth providers are tops at streaming films and TV shows over the Web. Charter comes in first. Clearwire finishes last.

By January 27, 2011


Politicos press Facebook CEO over privacy flap

Congressmen Ed Markey and Joe Barton, who targeted Apple and Google before, now want Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to answer some pointed privacy questions.

By October 20, 2010


Embarq pressured by politicians over NebuAd

Three House members who have questioned the concept of Web monitoring to display relevant ads are questioning DSL provider Embarq. Their concern: Why not require customers to opt in?

By July 25, 2008


Tech industry, unions at odds over 'stimulus' plan

At the Good Jobs Green Jobs conference, the labor movement and tech industry clash over the "buy American" provision of the bill, as well as the Employee Free Choice Act.

By February 4, 2009


Year in review: Snooping gets sanctioned

In 2008, the immunization of companies assisting NSA wiretaps became a hot-button issue, as did P2P network monitoring.

By December 18, 2008


Broadband users prefer cable to DSL, study says

More people use cable than DSL, according to a study recently released by J.D. Power and Associates.

By October 30, 2008


NebuAd suspends Web-monitoring plans

Secretive start-up reportedly puts on hold controversial plans to display ads based on the monitoring of Web activity.

By September 3, 2008


Google, Verizon, others sued over voice mail patent

Patent holding company Klausner Technologies targets Google, Verizon, Cox, LG, and others in latest patent infringement lawsuit, bolstered by settlement wins in suits against Apple, AT&T.

By August 26, 2008