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Is the Wii providing a 'watered down' experience?

Prince of Persia developer Ben Mattes didn't want to port the game to the Wii out of fear of watering it down. Does the Wii really provide a "watered down" experience?

By June 10, 2009


Forget what you know about 'Prince of Persia'

The next installment of 'Prince of Persia' deviates from the franchise on almost every level.

By August 7, 2008


E3 2008: Prince of Persia

The 'Prince of Persia' series found much success in the previous generation of video games. Now Ubisoft is back with a new 'Prince of Persia'--complete with a unique art style and a brand-new fighting mechanic. You'll also be joined by a Elika, a female c

By July 17, 2008