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Salvador Dali's elephants get the steampunk Lego treatment

Surreality rules in a Lego artist's interpretation of the skinny-legged beasts from Salvador Dali's famous painting "The Elephants."

By March 21, 2014


Drones help prevent rhino, elephant poaching

Unmanned aerial vehicles trackked rhinos and elephants and could help save some herds from being killed by poachers.

By February 14, 2014


Neil deGrasse Tyson: Thor's hammer weighs 300 billion elephants

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson tackles the difficult calculations required to determine the weight of superhero Thor's otherworldly weapon.

By February 8, 2013


Hadoop, the elephant in the enterprise

The open-source software, which has emerged as the de facto standard for big data processing, may be what tips enterprise in the favor of open source, according to some high-level execs.

By June 13, 2012


Is that an elephant using the Galaxy Note?

Peter the pachyderm proves mighty skilled with a stylus as he plays with Samsung's large-screened smartphone.

By March 28, 2012


At E3, will Sony address the elephant in the room?

The biggest show of the year for Sony's gaming division kicks off Monday. Although PlayStation security woes appear to be behind it--for now--will Sony take the opportunity to talk about what happened?

By June 3, 2011


Go Daddy CEO: I was smiling with dead elephant out of 'relief'

Media war between Go Daddy's Bob Parsons and animal rights activists escalates after he posts his elephant-killing video. Parsons insists his act was righteous and he was smiling because he was relieved.

By April 1, 2011


Go Daddy CEO puts his elephant-killing on video

Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons goes on safari, shoots an elephant dead, and films it for posterity. He claims the elephant was eating local crops. Competitors, however, are trying to steal business because of it.

By March 31, 2011


E3 2014: Highlights of Day 1

Nintendo's making toys, Destiny takes gamers back to a familiar place, elephants become weaponised, and a shooter classic makes a comeback in a packed day one for E3.

By June 10, 2014


Elephant gets steel-fortified supertusks

The new grill on Calgary Zoo's Spike is surely the envy of the other elephants.

By August 7, 2010