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Whatever happened to...? The tech that never took off

Whatever happened to MiniDisc, SPOT and the first iTunes phone? They were hyped to the heavens, yet they never hit the heights. We salute ten technologies that never took off

By November 10, 2009


Eleksen Windows SideShow laptop bag

Wondering what all the Windows SideShow hype is about? Take a look at Eleksen's SideShow laptop bag, which will let you access data without needing to unpack your laptop

By January 30, 2007


Zegna's 'iJacket' lets you talk to the coat

Bluetooth is latest fashion accessory

By August 23, 2007


A double-sided fabric keyboard: Why?

Another solution in search of a problem

By February 25, 2007


SideShow backpacks: Cheaters rejoice

Windows Vista screen woven into fabric

By January 17, 2007


A fabric keyboard? Sure, why not

It doubles as a carrying case

By November 1, 2006