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Colour-screen Kindle on the cards, Amazon acquisition hints

Amazon has bought Liquavista, a company that makes 'electrowetting' colour displays.

By May 14, 2013


Science is in the house at CES

Start-ups backed by the National Science Foundation will be showing off a wide range of technologies, including virtual reality contact lenses, robot butlers, and flexible displays.

By January 6, 2012


Charge your phone while taking a stroll

Researchers say new tech can generate more than enough electricity to power a light bulb and charge a laptop, all from a walk around town.

By August 24, 2011


Liquavista shows off full-color e-reader

Liquavista's full-color e-reader appears to be aimed squarely at magazine and newspaper reading.

By January 6, 2010


Going mobile at 3GSM World Congress

One of the world's largest trade shows for mobile services and devices, the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona aims to showcase the cutting edge of the wireless industry.

February 15, 2007


Mixing oil and water--for cell phone lenses

French company Varioptic sells mobile phone camera modules whose lenses focus using oil, water, and electrical voltage.

By February 9, 2007


New cell phone screens battery-friendly

Mobile phone screen technology in development can keep displays running all day, thanks to the sun and water. Photos: 3D screens

By June 9, 2006


Philips spinoff to make screens with oil, water

The latest in the new-screen industry: a fluid-filled sac where oil and water duke it out.

By April 19, 2006