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Systm: DIY Electroluminescence

Lighting a tech project with Electroluminescent material can look super professional, but it's easy to damage it or shock yourself. Learn how to safely add EL to any tech project in this episode of Systm!

September 30, 2008


Electroluminescence + basketball = dorky

New shirts light up

By December 6, 2006


Crave 75: Hot for teacher (podcast)

This week in CNET's Crave podcast: desktop haptics, electroluminescent faces, our glass-filled future, and "Avengers" versus "Spider-Man."

By February 7, 2012


Sony EL display is paper thin

Sony demonstrated a new electroluminescent display that is paper thin at the Display2008 conference in Japan.

By April 18, 2008


Report: Toshiba, Matsushita will jointly make small EL displays

Toshiba and Matsushita will jointly manufacture electroluminescent displays as they look to match Korean manufacturers, according to a report in a Japanese publication.

By July 20, 2008


Next-gen NASA spacesuit gives serious sci-fi vibe

Space fans voted and the winning futuristic design will become a reality in NASA's new Z-2 spacesuit prototype. Now Johnson Space Center plans to test the suit so that future versions can head to the cosmos.

By May 1, 2014


Bill Moggridge, early laptop designer, dies at age 69

The industrial designer crafted the Grid Compass, a clamshell computer that debuted in 1982 and that is widely regarded as the first laptop computer.

By September 9, 2012


Google Smart Glove: 'seeing with your hand'

Google has been granted a patent for a smart glove, which includes cameras in the fingertips.

By August 26, 2012


Bright idea: Charging cables light up as current flows

Bored by gadget charging? Colorful cables from Dexim show you the current as it flows to your device, turning the simple act of recharging into a mini-rave.

By February 2, 2012


Tomorrow's vending machines may scan your face

Will you try on outfits with a Kinect or let a vending machine scan your face? At the 2012 National Retail Federation Convention and Expo in New York, new tech aims to change the way you shop.

By January 17, 2012