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​Warning over faulty USB chargers after woman electrocuted

Consumers are being warned to stop using non-approved USB chargers after a faulty device was implicated in the death of an Australian woman.

By June 26, 2014


Apple replacing chargers in UK after iPhone electrocution

Apple will take your knock-off charger off your hands after dodgy power adaptors injured and even killed iPhone owners.

By August 13, 2013


Man electrocuted while retrieving cell phone on subway tracks

New York's Christopher Street subway station sees the latest fatality to result from someone chasing a dropped cell phone on rail tracks.

By July 16, 2013


iPhone electrocutes bride-to-be, Galaxy S4 injures teen

A couple of recent incidents have seen damaged smart phones injuring a Swiss teenager and killing a Chinese iPhone owner.

By July 16, 2013


Teen electrocuted while working on unplugged computer

A 16-year-old is stripping down a family computer, which is unplugged. He dies. An autopsy reveals electrocution burns.

By October 9, 2012


Food Watcher: Lose weight using mild electrocution

Up yours, sensible eating and regular exercise! We've just discovered the Food Watcher -- a gadget that miraculously suppresses your appetite

By November 22, 2009


Scientist explains OLEDs by electrocuting a pickle

How do OLED TVs from Sony and LG work? MIT professor Vladimir Bulovic explains using a glowing pickle and an accent to die for.

By September 29, 2009


Electrocute, 'On The Beat': Free MP3 of the Day

Download a free MP3 of "On The Beat" courtesy of CNET Download Music.

By January 20, 2009


Where we're so awesome, we can electrocute Blanka

Caroline McCarthy joins us to summarily rick roll the living crap out of us. We talk ghosts and social networks, SXSW, Major League Baseball 2K8. And we even get a little personal...What? Caroline McCarthy + Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales? What?

By March 5, 2008


Electrocute yourself for a better you

The Compex Sport works your muscles with electricity.

By January 18, 2008