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Rubber Band Machine Gun holds 672 elastic shots

The rubber band gun of your childhood can just quit now. The Rubber Band Machine Gun puts it to shame.

By Dec. 19, 2013


Stretchable gold conductors bring bling to elastic electronics

Researchers work with gold nanoparticles to build a stretchy, conductive material that could go into medical devices and wearable technology.

By Jul. 19, 2013


Elastic touchscreen lets you pinch and stretch to control

The creators of the prototype interface, called Obake, describe it as a "2.5D display".

By Apr. 18, 2013


Disable elastic scrolling in OS X

Scrolling beyond the end of documents shows a gray texture pattern in Lion, but if desired, you can disable this feature in most programs.

By May. 9, 2012


Availability, elasticity, and cloud databases

Amazon Web Services downtime can help us better understand how to build and scale cloud-based applications and databases.

By Jun. 13, 2011


Amazon Web Services plants Elastic Beanstalk

The automation service is intended for businesses that don't want to put a lot of manpower behind managing cloud-computing instances.

By Jan. 19, 2011


Flyfire micro-helicopters: Freely flying pixels form fantastic elastic display

Through the power of self-organising micro-helicopters comes the concept of a 3D flying display that could lighten up our skies

By Mar. 22, 2010


'Elastic water,' but can you drink it?

The new material, called "elastic water," retains its Flubber-like consistency by mixing a few grams of clay and organic matter to H20, essentially binding the whole into a jelly-like putty.

By Jan. 26, 2010


Loaded: Design and the Elastic Mind

Natali stops by the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York for a look at interesting tech that could be coming our way in the future.

Mar. 11, 2008


Loaded: Design and the elastic mind

A look at the new MOMA exhibit that does NOT have the bendable Nokia, Microsoft rumors about online Office, NIN free music, and bad news for Quarterlife.

By Mar. 3, 2008