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eMachines EL1200-05w

Although the eMachines EL1200-05w's price tag is tempting, an extra $100 will land you a competitive desktop that can handle a wider variety of applications and even leaves room for future expansion opportunities.

By Nov. 25, 2008

2 stars Editor's rating Nov. 25, 2008

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eMachines desktop computer takes a nosedive

The eMachines EL1200-05w just doesn't make the grade, garnering one of the lowest ratings we've given to a budget system in a long time.

By Nov. 26, 2008


eMachines intros new slim tower PC

eMachines announces the new EL1200 desktop.

By Oct. 10, 2008


Get a dual-core Windows 7 desktop for $319.99

Usually the systems I see in this price range have crummy Celeron processors. This one's above-average, spec-wise.

By May. 13, 2010


Dell Inspiron I530S-114B

On certain tests, Dell's off-the-shelf Inspiron 530s comes out ahead of its slim-tower competition, but its situational performance edge isn't dramatic enough to overcome its underwhelming features. You can find cheaper systems that might be a tick slower on certain tasks, but on balance they'll let you do more.

By Oct. 16, 2008

3 stars Editor's rating Oct. 16, 2008

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