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Smart grid 101: What next-gen electricity means for you

The evolving energy industry could totally change the way you think about electricity in your home.

By November 7, 2015


Buying light bulbs? Read this first

The landscape of lighting is changing rapidly. Here's everything you'll need to know to keep up.

By October 2, 2014


New spending bill puts the brakes on Bulbageddon

A single paragraph in the 1,582-page document provides a glimmer of hope -- or perhaps a stay of execution -- for the incandescent light bulb.

By January 14, 2014


Many consumers in the dark about rising lighting standards

Six out of 10 consumers are unaware that the most commonly used light bulbs are about to disappear from store shelves.

By December 28, 2013


Thunderbolt vs. USB, HDMI, PCIe Cable: How does it compare?

Intel's high-speed communications technology is pitted against strong incumbent interfaces -- and the nascent PCI Express Cable could provide more competition.

By June 14, 2012


White House seeks to speed advanced biofuels

Administration creates interagency biofuels group and devotes more money to commercialize advanced biofuels. But an EPA proposal to measure greenhouse gases concerns industry.

By May 5, 2009


CES 2008 wrap: tech's crystal ball

CES 2008 has wrapped for another year, and so CNET.com.au looks over the tech and the products we will be using in the years to come.

By January 13, 2008


LG picks up award for best plasma TV

Looking for a flash new plasma TV? LG products has won three EISA Awards for its innovative product designs, including a gong for Best Plasma TV...

By August 24, 2006


Olympus E-400: Another SLR beats the dust

The E-400 is a small and light 10-megapixel camera that uses an anti-dust technology to speedily shake particles off the lens. Now you see them...

September 14, 2006


Perspective: In praise of food fights

CNET News.com's Charles Cooper says a smorgasbord of technologies, operating systems and Web services are jostling for market share. But what's needed now might be technology integration, not more technology innovation.

By December 13, 2002