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Samsung gets you wired with six new headsets

Four in-ear headphones and two Bluetooth headsets join Samsung's roster of accessories, some available right now and some coming your way in February. Here's the rundown.

By Jan. 6, 2012


Cell phones make you ill? It's in your head

New study shows that those who suffer from electrical sensitivity aren't actually able to detect electromagnetic radiation at all.

By Jul. 25, 2007


SAP hones sustainability push

The enterprise software giant is trying to align business processes with corporate green IT talk. Plus, it promises to cut its own greenhouse gas emissions.

By Mar. 2, 2009


New Mexico group lobbies to ban Wi-Fi in public buildings

A group of electro-sensitive Santa Fe residents has asked the Santa Fe government to ban Wi-Fi in public buildings.

By May. 27, 2008


What creatures inhabit the surface of your cell phone?

Researchers find pathogens on 40 percent of hospital patient cell phones--with a small number of devices testing positive for "worrisome" drug-resistant bacteria--and call for infection control.

By Jun. 2, 2011


Hockey dad allegedly lasers opposing team's goalie

In behavior normally associated only with recalcitrant, humorless teens, a parent at a high school girls hockey game is allegedly caught trying to temporarily blind the opposing goalie with a laser pointer.

By Mar. 3, 2012


This is Kinect with Windows Phone 7 (video)

While Microsoft hinted at some of the planned Kinect and Windows Phone 7 synergy at Mobile World Congress, we now get a peek at what that might look like.

By Feb. 14, 2011


Don't let your PC wear out your eyes

Computer-related eyestrain is the most common ailment among office workers, but a few changes to your work area and habits can help prevent vision woes because of long-term PC use.

By Jul. 2, 2010