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Survey: Samsung beats Apple in customer loyalty (Microsoft has little)

Technically Incorrect: SurveyMonkey poll suggests that where Apple wins is in customer service satisfaction, while Microsoft lags badly.

By April 5, 2015


Tyrone the Drone can spew spray paint, silly string and fire

Even though the Austin Police Department has grounded all drones at the South by Southwest festival, one vandal drone can be seen zooming around a design studio.

By March 16, 2015


'I think my dad is Dracula': Test yourself playing Google Feud

Guessing Google autocomplete results becomes a free and addictive game that's like an updated version of "Family Feud."

By March 16, 2015


Artist seeks crowdfunding for normal-looking Barbie

Everyone knows Barbie isn't real. In any sense of the word. Now a designer wants to introduce a whole line of Barbies that look like, well, women.

By March 5, 2014


Apple to build private restaurant to keep out snoopers

A planning request is granted for a 21,468-square-foot restaurant in Cupertino, Calif., where Apple employees can talk shop without being overheard.

By April 26, 2012


Lego for girls: Wait, what?

Lego is releasing a special line of, well Lego toys for girls. Is the firmament crumbling? Or do girls need different colored bricks?

By December 19, 2011


Political theater will follow Google's Schmidt to D.C.

To spotlight concerns over Google's Internet tracking, mimes working for an advocacy group will follow government workers around Wednesday, when Google chairman Eric Schmidt testifies before Congress.

By September 18, 2011


Study: Half of Facebook's walls enjoy profanity

A survey suggests that words you mightn't use at a royal dinner party are extremely prevalent all over the enthusiastic walls of Facebook.

By May 24, 2011