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How to set up a subwoofer

Learn how to correctly set up your subwoofers for optimal placement and connectivity.

By August 29, 2012


Geoengineered cooling of planet would have 'perilous effects'

Trying to mimic the cooling effects of volcanic eruptions by injecting sulfur into the atmosphere would badly damage the ozone layer, an NCAR study concludes.

By April 25, 2008


Google Earth app shows effects of climate change

British government-led effort uses Google Earth to project temperature changes and Arctic ice loss over next 100 years.

By May 20, 2008


Maturity, Madness, and 'Mass Effect'

A look at some of the strange and downright fictional portrayals of Mass Effect in the media.

By January 22, 2008


Open source's $60 billion Robin Hood effect on the software industry

Open source thieving from the software industry? Please. The reverse is likely true.

By April 16, 2008


The effects of open source on stock prices

Open source tells a great story, but Wall Street is increasingly focused on nonfiction, rather than fiction. There's an ever-decreasing honeymoon period for open-source hype. The key now is execution.

By March 17, 2008


Web retail sales to dodge effects of slowing economy

A new report says U.S. online retail sales are expected to reach $148 billion in 2008, up 19 percent from 2007. But sales are poised to mature.

By March 7, 2008


'BoomPod' game seat: DIY special effects

It's like playing games while balancing on an exercise ball.

By March 5, 2008


The effects of commercialization on open-source communities

Recent research suggests that much of the core development work on open-source projects is done by paid developers. Is this a bad thing?

By March 4, 2008


QuickTime 7.4.1: Problems starting up/logging in; fixes After Effects problem

Fixes for post-update startup issues.

By February 7, 2008