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Coke/Mentos-fueled rocket car hits NY streets

A car by the same guys who brought us those famous Coke/Mentos geysers takes a test drive on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

By July 1, 2010


First-gen YouTube celebs: Where are they now?

They went from everyday people to overnight Web stars, all thanks to a newfangled site called YouTube. Some are still at it. Others moved on to new, related ventures.

By August 27, 2009


'Samurai Girl' to help launch new experiment from Diet Coke and Mentos team

Post-it notes will be the prop that the EepyBird team will use in their next online video experiment. This time the clip will debut on cable TV instead of the Web.

By July 25, 2008


Webby Award winners: Mentos, ninjas, and 'The Office'

The winners of the 11th annual awards dedicated to 'honoring excellence on the Internet' are announced.

By May 1, 2007


Paying YouTube content creators easier said than done

CEO Hurley said the site will compensate video creators, but copyright issues and YouTube's huge inventory complicate the plan.

By January 31, 2007


Google shares ad wealth with videographers

Landmark deal could spell trouble for video-sharing sites that can't afford to share profits with talented clip producers.

By October 30, 2006


Vloggercon: Where everyone's the media

Mothers, peace activists, filmmakers looking for distribution are all part of a DIY video-publishing movement.

By June 11, 2006