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Car dealers outraged by Edmunds' haggling ads

Edmunds.com, the car research site, releases amusing ads that show a supermarket checkout clerk haggling. Dealers force the site to remove the ads, saying car dealers don't haggle anymore.

By October 26, 2014


Toyota software bugs unlike those in flaky PCs

The Toyota Prius' electronic issues signal that cars will have more software bugs. But cars are not PCs, an expert at car Web site Edmunds.com explains.

By February 18, 2010


The 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show: The Highlight Reel

The 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show concluded on September 27, and boy were there some mighty and pretty (and expensive) cars on display. This Edmunds.com highlight reel shows off some of the finer automobiles making their debut at this celebrated motor show.

By October 1, 2009


Showdown: New Prius vs. Honda Insight

The new Toyota Prius and the revitalized Honda Insight face off in this Web video from Edmunds.com.

By April 1, 2009


Nissan's Cube is just too cute

The 2009 Nissan Cube S gets road tested by Edmunds.com.

By February 24, 2009


AOL overhauls car-buying tools

America Online hopes a deal with auto-research provider Edmunds.com and a redesign of its AOL Autos channel will help drive its car-buying business.

By August 11, 2003


AOL overhauls its auto channel

America Online has rebuilt its auto channel, which features content from Autofusion, Consumer Reports and Edmunds.com. The service includes a "local resources" center with links to local dealers, a car comparison guide, message boards, chat rooms and resources for anyone trying to sell a car. Through a deal with Autofusion, which provides car-related e-commerce services, a "Build-A-Car" section lets people research and compare specific cars. The service also offers information from buying guide Consumer Reports, such as articles and recommendations. The auto channel is available on the AOL flagship service as well as on Netscape, CompuServe and AOL.com. Dulles, Va.-based AOL is a subsidiary of AOL Time Warner.

August 20, 2001


Car site offers test drives during road show

Edmunds.com, one of the largest independent resources of information for car buyers, is offering a summer tour that will let people check out real vehicles and place online orders.

June 27, 2000