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Apple expects you to use your iPhone or iPad for 3 years

As part of an ecology-related assessment of product life cycles, Apple suggests owners of iPhones will hang onto their devices for three years. The same is true, it says, for the Apple Watch.

By April 21, 2016


Ecologic Aircraft concept is part airship, part plane

This whimsical idea for an all-electric craft looks neat, but would it fly?

By February 6, 2013


Interactive game illustrates your family's ecological footprint

Public radio production company American Public Media has launched an interactive game that allows users to calculate and illustrate their family's ecological impact.

By September 18, 2007


'New car smell' becoming less toxic, report says

Automakers are making progress in reducing potentially harmful materials, but car interiors remain polluted, according to the watchdog Ecology Center.

By July 28, 2008


Waterproof-paper company to go public

To enter public market, Ecology Coatings will undergo reverse merger--a process gaining popularity in the industry.

By November 7, 2006


Diving into mysterious Crater Lake

Scientists use aquatic robots and highly sensitive sonar to study its pristine, self-contained ecology. Photos: A water-filled crater Video: Deep-diving robot

By August 25, 2006


Making paper waterproof--and writable

Lab accident at Ecology Coatings leads to method of making paper and other objects that are impervious to water. Images: Ecology's nanospray

By August 9, 2005


Academics get NSF grant for Net security centers

National Science Foundation grants $12.6 million to university scientists to study worms, viruses and the Net's ecology.

By September 21, 2004


Dell boasts of education sales

Dell Computer says it has picked up more than 50 multimillion dollar deals in the K-12 and higher-education markets within the last 12 months. According to market researcher IDC, Dell was the No. 1 supplier of PCs to the U.S. education market last year. Apple Computer was previously the category leader. Among its deals, according to Dell: The Center for Academic Computing at Penn State University installed a server cluster comprising 42 Dell PowerEdge 1550 servers. The cluster enables researchers at Penn State to study subjects such as computational chemistry, theoretical ecology, and gravitational physics. The Mission Consolidated Independent School District in Texas standardized the entire district on Dell systems, including 2,250 Dell OptiPlex desktops and 17 PowerEdge servers, displacing the district's old Apple systems. University of Washington at Bothell moved to a new campus in the fall and standardized 90 percent of the campus on Dell hardware.

By April 12, 2001