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Ecologic Aircraft concept is part airship, part plane

This whimsical idea for an all-electric craft looks neat, but would it fly?

By February 6, 2013


Formula One to race eco-friendly hybrid engines in 2013

Formula One cars will be powered by smaller, more fuel-efficient hybrid engines from 2013, as part of the sport's ongoing effort to be seen as less of an ecological catastrophe.

By December 6, 2010


Interactive game illustrates your family's ecological footprint

Public radio production company American Public Media has launched an interactive game that allows users to calculate and illustrate their family's ecological impact.

By September 18, 2007


Ecobloggers bring the landfill home

"Garbloggers" seeking to lessen their ecological impact refuse to throw things away. Photos: Green bloggers stash trash

By February 7, 2008


Blueprint for the perfect green laptop

PopSci.com outlines the major ecological issues with laptops, and offers solutions.

By July 26, 2007


Expert: LEDs could start replacing lightbulbs soon

Scientist says tech, pricing improvements to make light-emitting diodes more economical, ecological than conventional bulbs. Photos: Lumileds' LED tech

By November 3, 2006


Future of the environment is in the smart cards

U.K. firm Design Stream envisions a smart card that would let people keep track of their ecological behavior.

By August 3, 2006


Study: BP, Toyota top green energy, auto brands

Being green is increasingly popular, but most consumers still don't consider ecological impact when buying.

By July 7, 2006