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EcoFactor Energy Savings Mobile App

EcoFactor energy savings EcoFactor learns from youWe remember your temperature preferences. Adapts to your changes to keep you comfortable and...

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EcoFactor: Our users see big energy savings

The company says that data collected on homes using automated thermostat software system show an average 17 percent reduction in energy use.

By June 9, 2011


EcoFactor pings thermostats to save energy

Silicon Valley start-up launches a hosted business intelligence application for optimizing heating and cooling systems to a given home.

By November 3, 2009


In Nest Labs, finally an Apple of home energy

Nest Labs and its Learning Thermostat bring Silicon Valley's strengths in consumer electronics and software programming to energy, a shift that can go a long way to bringing green technology home to consumers.

By October 25, 2011


PlotWatt Web app spots home energy hogs

Start-up can track big power-consuming appliances in the home, a feature that could make energy monitors better at pinpointing energy savings.

By August 10, 2011


Smart thermostat links to cloud for energy savings

EnergyHub's Mercury service, which connects to smart thermostats to optimize home energy settings, will be offered through broadband providers, thermostat makers, and utilities.

By August 1, 2011


IEE: Smart grids depend on consumers for success

White paper finds cost benefit increases for utilities the more consumers agree to participate in managing electricity use.

By July 28, 2011


'Smart' thermostats to get test run in Texas

Start-up EcoFactor offers residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth area the option to regulate household climate using weather predictions, as well as a home's thermal characteristics.

By July 8, 2010


Home energy management a hot topic at show

Expect to see more gadgets and services for helping consumers cut back on energy use through a networked console connected to the electricity meter and appliances.

By January 6, 2010


Cleantech Open winner offers stable environment

Leading competition for environmental start-ups awards company with a platform for maintaining desired home temperature more efficiently.

By November 18, 2009


Will consumers plug into home energy displays?

Dozens of companies are developing tools to ratchet down home energy use as part of utility smart grid programs, but nobody is sure which approach will stick with consumers.

By November 20, 2009