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Google convinces standards group to take on Dart

Google's Dart language alternative to JavaScript inches forward as it earns the right to face standards-deciding body ECMA.

By Dec. 12, 2013


Google Dart target: Chrome soon! Other browsers...someday

Google begins building its Dart programming language directly into Chrome, hoping a multilingual future will speed up Web apps. But what if Dart apps only work in Chrome?

By Dec. 17, 2013


Mixbook sees 'perfect storm' for Google's Dart language (Q&A)

Not everybody likes Google's JavaScript competitor for Web programming, but Mixbook's CEO and lead developer are betting a multimillion-dollar revenue stream on it.

By Nov. 26, 2013


Mono promise is nice, Microsoft. What about Linux?

Microsoft has now publicly stated that it won't sue users and developers over Mono, but that's small change compared to the real promise we need to see: no infringement lawsuits over Linux.

By Jul. 7, 2009


Microsoft's Open XML hits snag in standards process

An ANSI committee created to formulate the United States position on ISO standardization does not recommend Open XML.

By Jul. 17, 2007


Open XML vote: Politics, intrigue, and, oh, some tech

A final vote on a multi-year attempt to standardize the Open XML file formats ends this weekend. After all the debate, is the standards process stronger or weaker?

By Mar. 28, 2008


Why ambitious developers need more than just HTML5

The battle rages among developers as to what works best--native apps or HTML 5. Here's the bet Yahoo is making.

By Mar. 1, 2012


IBM to shun 'rogue' standards bodies

An IBM-convened group of standards experts calls for more transparency in standards-setting processes and intellectual property practices.

By Sep. 23, 2008