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eBay (Android)

Whether you're a casual shopper or an avid eBay buyer or seller, eBay for Android is worth a download. Despite its shortcomings, it's still a powerful companion to the full Web site.

By September 28, 2012

4.5 stars Editors' rating September 28, 2012

The $100,000 Pokemon trading card you can buy on eBay

Die-hard Pokemon fans can collect this 'vintage' Pikachu trading card from 1998 for a cool six figures.

By July 22, 2016


Indian government accuses Amazon, Alibaba, eBay of facilitating illegal wildlife trade

The government shares a list of 106 websites that were allegedly advertising sales of rare animals and their parts.

By July 19, 2016


eBay archaelogist finds two unreleased Nirvana songs

One lucky Nirvana fan buys a reel on eBay that reportedly contained a recording of the band in session just before the release of "In Utero."

By June 23, 2016


eBay will use AI to show off the random crap you never knew you needed

The online auction and commerce site is just the latest to jump on the artificial intelligence bandwagon.

By June 2, 2016


eBay's 'world first' VR department store lets you eye before you buy

Forget the outlet malls -- your next big purchase could be hiding in the virtual world. Just put on your "shoptacles" headset and start buying.

By May 19, 2016


eBay drop-off locations coming to 1,600 FedEx Office stores

The new partnership could hint at a tighter relationship between eBay and FedEx aimed at keeping Amazon in check.

By May 10, 2016


eBay boosts its big-data brain with Expertmaker buy

Expertmaker's AI and machine-learning software could help eBay organize its 900 million listings.

By May 5, 2016


eBay gets boozy with wine site

The online marketplace hopes to become a bigger player in alcohol sales with eBay Wine.

By April 27, 2016


Too lazy to ship off your old stuff? eBay can help with that

The online marketplace expands its partnership with a logistics startup to help deal with the hassle of shipping products sold on its site.

By March 15, 2016