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Get a Flareon, Vaporeon or Jolteon easily in Pokemon GO

You can force your Eevees to evolve into these fire, electric and water types with this quick trick.

By July 24, 2016


Pokemon Go team leaders' names revealed, Eevee evolution trick confirmed

Joining Team Mystic, Instinct or Valor? Then meet Blanche, Spark or Candela respectively, introduced at San Diego Comic-Con.

By July 24, 2016


Pokemon Go: Gyms, candy, pokeballs and everything else you need to know

The complete beginner's guide to Nintendo's wildly popular new game.

By July 25, 2016


Gears of War 4 dev teases Easter egg and 'super secret' news

"We may have just created my favorite Easter egg in Gears 4," studio boss says, as he also teases some upcoming news.

By July 5, 2016


Tesla's flashy Easter egg turns charging into a light party

Certain Tesla models will turn into miniature discotheques at the press of a button.

By May 9, 2016


Google 'Silicon Valley' for some fictional news Easter eggs

The popular HBO show about a tech startup in Silicon Valley has a nice surprise for fans.

By April 25, 2016


The weird, wonderful world of Alexa easter eggs

Amazon's virtual assistant has no shortage of secret geek cred -- if you know what to ask her.

By March 24, 2016


10 bonkers bunnies to haunt your Easter holiday

Rabbits aren't all just fluffy cute little things. Sometimes they eat medieval knights, glow under blacklight or grow a Benedict Cumberbatch face.

10 Images By March 24, 2016


Our favorite Alexa Easter eggs for Amazon Echo

From Star Trek to Monty Python, Amazon's popular virtual assistant loves a good inside joke.

By March 15, 2016


Jeep's Easter Safari concepts turn the mild into the wild (pictures)

Every year, Jeep rolls out a number of crazy concepts for its trip to Moab, Utah. This year is no exception, with everything from forward-cab trucks to a Hellcat-powered Wrangler.

17 Images By March 10, 2016