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Sensaphonics ER earplugs, a better way to hush the noise

It's noisy world, and getting noisier all the time; the Audiophiliac thinks Sensaphonics' earplugs quell the din and still let you hear the sound around you.

By January 11, 2014


Smart earplugs know when it's too loud

Now in use by the military, intelligent earplugs that automatically filter out the clamor when it reaches dangerous levels are being adapted for offshore drilling and other noisy jobs.

By July 27, 2010


3D imaging could help improve hearing aids

A new imaging technique out of MIT could result in hearing aids--and earphones and earplugs--that fit and function better.

By May 25, 2010


Natali Del Conte's blooper reel

A look back at Natali fooling around on the Loaded set. Warning: wear earplugs for the singing portion of this video!

December 9, 2008


Do you like loud music, or prefer to listen quietly?

At home or in your car you're in control, how loud do you like your music?

By September 20, 2014


How tiny can earbuds get? This tiny

The trend toward massive statement headphones gets a counterpoint with Earin wireless earbuds.

By June 17, 2014


With mono sound, all you need is one speaker

Stereo has been the primary music format for more than 50 years, but mono sound is enjoying a comeback.

By August 2, 2014


Shocker: The most-deaf musicians aren't rockers

But who is? You might be surprised.

By April 12, 2014


Ep. 11: Intergalactic House of Robot Pancakes

This week on Crave, Donald and Jasmine attempt to make due in the absence of the Eric Franklin, who should be awakening from his Nyquil-induced haze any moment now. The big news of the day is Apple's latest gadgets, which includes an iMac attack and the undeniably unique Apple Magic Trackpad. And of course, no Crave podcast would be complete without talk of robots and food...specifically one that makes food (sort of). Also, Japan develops some freaky-smart billboards, the military gets some super spectacular smart earplugs, and the police find a new non-fatal weapon. Finally, we soothe your eyes with some lovely 3D street art--no funky glasses required.

By July 27, 2010