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Steve Wozniak remembers Steve Jobs, early Apple

The Apple co-founder says to the CBS Early Show that his "mind went blank" when he heard of the death of Steve Jobs.

By October 6, 2011


Great Valentine's Day gadget gifts for guys

If you're still trying to figure how to show your man extra love on the day Hallmark tells you that you should, consider these geeky options.

By February 12, 2011


U.S. drone 'hijackings' raise security concerns

University of Texas professor and grad students manipulate unmanned crafts' flight paths. One exercise is done with DHS. Thousands of civilian drones are destined for U.S. skies.

By July 4, 2012


Hot gear for a (very) cold winter

It's extra cold out this winter, so we've stepped away from our space heaters to round up some gadgets that will help you stay warm.

By January 12, 2011


Amazing new gadgets for pets

CBS News correspondent Dr. Debbye Turner Bell shows off a high-tech pooper scooper, a doggie treadmill, spill-proof bowls, a microwavable cat cake, and more.

By March 25, 2011


The Blackberry continues to destroy your work/life balance

Blackberry use is not overtime if you ask me.

By June 23, 2008


McDonald's hires 7,000 touch-screen cashiers

Would you like some microchips with that burger? McDonald's Europe strikes another blow against human interaction by installing 7,000 touch-screen computers to take your order and money.

By May 17, 2011


Gadgets at bedtime? Sleepy reporter tucks in

CBS "Early Show" contributor Taryn Winter Brill set up an unscientific sleep experiment to find out why she is sleep-deprived. Are her gadgets to blame?

By March 7, 2011


Coke/Mentos-fueled rocket car hits NY streets

A car by the same guys who brought us those famous Coke/Mentos geysers takes a test drive on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

By July 1, 2010


Obama/Air Force One flight plan shows up on blog

As 9/11 memories loom large, Japan learns that an air traffic controller at Tokyo airport posted a detailed flight plan for Air Force One during President Obama's visit to Asia last November, report says. Controller apparently posted data simply to show his friends.

By September 10, 2011