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NFL's Eagles to be energy self-sufficient

Green renovation in partnership with SolarBlue will allow Lincoln Financial Field to generate all needed energy on-site starting this September.

By Nov. 18, 2010


The eagles have landed (and by eagles, we mean the new MacBooks)

A pair of shiny new Apple laptops have arrived in the CNET Labs.

By Oct. 16, 2008


Favorite picture of Road Trip 2009? Eagles' nest

In Yellowstone National Park, two eagles sit in their nest, caring little about the park visitors gawking at them from the road nearby. Road Trip 2009 captures the scene.

By Jul. 17, 2009


Facebook post gets NFL Eagles' worker fired

The Philadelphia Eagles fires a stadium operations worker for a Facebook post that bemoaned the loss of one of the Eagles' better players.

By Mar. 9, 2009


NFL Eagles' worker fired for Facebook update gets player's help

Brian Dawkins, the hard-hitting Philadelphia Eagles' defensive back whose departure for Denver caused an Eagles' employee to update his Facebook status and get himself fired, is helping that worker.

By Apr. 5, 2009


Antitrust hearing to draw Yahoo, Microsoft, Google legal eagles

Top legal counsel will testify before Congressional antitrust hearing next week, as lawmakers consider potential anticompetitive effects of a Yahoo-Google search ad deal.

By Jul. 11, 2008


Ohio school mad at 15-year-old for using 'Madden' phrase

In announcing a middle school football game, a 15-year-old describes one player in Gus Johnson's inimitable phrase, as having "got that getting-away-from-the-cops speed." The student is disciplined.

By Oct. 9, 2013


Craigslist ad offers DC Capitol sublet for $1,000

A Craigslist posting offers the currently empty Washington Capitol building for sublet. Just $1,000. A bargain, no?

By Oct. 2, 2013


The not-so-secret appeal of Snapchat's fleeting stories

A purpose-altering feature shows how the infant company might actually be ready to stand up and start walking around like a real business.

By Feb. 20, 2014