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Microsoft, GE team up in health care venture

General Electric, a giant in clinical settings, has turned out to be a key partner for Wintel's health care ambitions.

By December 8, 2011


Eric Schmidt's written testimony to Congress

Read a copy of Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt's written testimony to the Senate subcommittee on antitrust, competition policy, and consumer rights.

By September 21, 2011


GE launches eHealth, hopes for early adopters

The eHealth suite aims to connect clinicians and patients in a highly secure platform, but relies in part on early adopters paid by the federal government.

By October 30, 2009


CNET News Daily Podcast: Warnings on e-health records

The drive to digitize medical records could impact every American. What does the move mean for your health care and privacy?

By May 19, 2009


What you need to know about e-health records

Drive to digitize medical records could impact every American. What does that mean for your health care and privacy?

May 19, 2009


Your e-health future

special report CNET News looks at the rapidly digitizing health care industry, detailing barriers and dangers. Also: Why are so many docs Luddites?

May 18, 2009


Tech giants line up for e-health dollars

Allscripts, Cisco, Citrix, Dell, Intel, Intuit, Microsoft, and Nuance Communications are banding together in an effort to make doctors aware of the benefits of electronic health records.

By May 14, 2009


Obama announces e-health records for vets

The Defense Department and the Department of Veterans Affairs are creating a streamlined process for sharing electronic medical records.

By April 9, 2009


U.S. stimulus bill pushes e-health records for all

commentary A large chunk--about 140 pages of 800--of the Senate bill creates electronic health records for "each person in the United States by 2014," with no clear way to opt out.

By February 10, 2009


New privacy guidelines for e-health records announced

As President-elect Obama calls for widespread adoption of e-medical records, the Department of Health and Human Services is offering more privacy guidelines for them.

By December 17, 2008