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Linux server maker sells skinny Xeon model

Penguin Computing, a San Francisco-based maker of servers running the Linux operating system, has released a new server that squeezes two Xeon processors into a 1.75-inch-thick rack-mountable chassis. The Relion 140 can accommodate two CPUs running faster than 2GHz, up to 6GB of memory, and up to three hard drives that can be swapped out while the system is running. A lower-end model with 512MB of memory, two 1.8GHz Xeon processors and one 18.6GB hard drive costs $3,160. With 1GB of memory, two 2.2GHz processors and two 36GB hard drives, the price goes up to $4,066. The server uses Intel's E7500 "Plumas" chipset, which connects the processors with other system components.

By May 22, 2002