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Report: Intel Core 2 Duo, Celeron coming

Intel is slated to bring out Core 2 Duo E8300 processor in April and a E7200 and a new Celeron in May.

By Feb. 19, 2008


Intel cuts chip prices up to 31 percent

Cuts to prices of dominant chipmaker's processor prices are limited in number and degree. Largest reduction comes to the desktop Core 2 Duo E8500, at 3.16GHz.

By Jul. 21, 2008


Intel cuts quad-core price by 50 percent

Chipmaker slashes the prices on other processors by 12 percent to 31 percent and introduces four new models.

By Apr. 21, 2008


Dell Studio: Bedsit desktop PCs

Remember the Studio Hybrid desktop Dell launched a couple of months back? Sexy, wasn't it? The PC giant has expanded the range with the budget Studio Slim and Studio desktops

By Sep. 23, 2008


ZT Affinity 7225Xi-35

ZT's Affinity 7225Xi-35 is a cleanly built midrange PC that will get you through all of your everyday tasks with ease. It's not a particularly flashy desktop, and you may be able to find more aggressively configured PCs for the same price, but if you need an affordable workhorse, this system will do the job.

By Jul. 14, 2008

3.5 stars Editor's rating Jul. 14, 2008

Pricing not available


Velocity Micro Vector Campus Edition

As much as we like the look and feel of Velocity Micro's Vector Campus Edition desktop, we can't recommend it. It suffers from poor bang-for-the-buck, a lack of configurable options, and a narrow upgrade path.

By Jul. 9, 2008

3 stars Editor's rating Jul. 9, 2008

Pricing not available


Sony Vaio LV250B

You can find more-cost-effective large-screen all-in-ones for general productivity, but Sony's Vaio LV250B is our favorite for home entertainment. Loaded with unique features geared toward digital media convenience, this system will meet the needs of anyone looking for a PC to use as an entertainment hub.

By May. 12, 2009

3.5 stars Editor's rating May. 12, 2009

MSRP: $1,899.99


Sony Vaio L117FX (Core 2 Quad Q8400s 2.66GHz

Earlier this year Sony was the unquestioned king of all-in-ones designed for home entertainment. The new Vaio L117FX retains and improves on many of the features we liked about older models, but revamped all-in-ones from its competition make the new Vaio seem a touch overpriced.

By Nov. 12, 2009

3.5 stars Editor's rating Nov. 12, 2009

MSRP: $1,999.99


Apple iMac (27-inch

Apple's new 27-inch iMac will charm plenty of you with its screen size alone. Fortunately, that won't lead you astray. Behind its expansive display, Apple has packed one of the fastest all-in-ones available, and added a few useful extras to sweeten the deal. This iMac isn't perfect, but its positives far outweigh its negatives. We can think of few users to whom we wouldn't recommend this system.

By Oct. 21, 2009

4 stars Editor's rating Oct. 21, 2009

MSRP: $1,699.00


HP Pavilion Elite m9300t

At its heart, the HP Pavilion Elite m9300t is a fast, competitive midtower desktop with lots of flexibility in its configuration. You just have to wade through some clunky design and a few components you might not want in order to find it.

By Aug. 17, 2008

3.5 stars Editor's rating Aug. 17, 2008

Pricing not available