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U.S. and E.U. grapple with crunch in rare earth supplies

Nations are pressing for solutions to concerns China may be exploiting stranglehold on metals crucial in the making of portable phones, wind turbines.

By Oct. 26, 2010


Philips plunks down two new MP3 players in E.U.

Philips announces two new GoGear MP3 players for the European market, named Opus and Ariaz.

By Feb. 19, 2009


What Britons need to know about U.K. 'cookie law'

Let's be honest, the U.K. has made a right hash-up of implementing the cookie law from start to finish. It came into force Saturday. Here's everything you need to know.

By May. 27, 2012


Lamborghini unveils 610hp Huracán luxury super sports car

The replacement for the Lamborghini Gallardo finally arrives with more power and tech, but less weight.

By Dec. 20, 2013


Google offers to settle EU antitrust probe

Google offers concessions to European antitrust regulators as it tries to settle in an ongoing antitrust probe over its business practices.

By Jul. 2, 2012


Europe rules ISPs can't be forced to block pirate sites

European court rules that record labels and film studios can't use the courts to instruct broadband companies to track customers or install filtering systems aimed at preventing piracy.

By Nov. 24, 2011


Huawei linked to plan to sell restricted equipment to Iran

A major partner of the Chinese telecommunications gear maker offered to sell $1.7 million worth of embargoed HP computer equipment to Iran, according to documents reviewed by Reuters.

By Dec. 30, 2012


Philips ErgoSensor monitor keeps you on your toes

The monitor includes a built-in reminder to take a break and rest your eyes to avoid strain.

By Apr. 9, 2012


Google remainders its independent e-book resales

Google reps assert that the reseller program hasn't met the needs of readers or booksellers.

By Apr. 5, 2012