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Apple v. Samsung

The electronics titans square off in a tangled tale of mobile technology, centered on Apple's iPhone


John Oliver compares cable companies to drug cartels

In a blistering 13-minute disquisition on Net neutrality, the HBO comedian asks Web trolls to intervene.

By June 2, 2014


Feel like riding a bicycle made of bamboo?

Bamboobee, a Singapore-based startup, is seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter for bicycles and bike accessories made out of bamboo.

By March 28, 2013


Skiing showdown: GPS-informed goggles miss the mark

CNET reporter Jay Greene, an avid skier, hit the slopes to try three pricey goggles with heads-up displays showing his speed and distance. Glitches in both the hardware and software led him to a much cheaper, more reliable alternative.

By January 3, 2013


Spring equinox celebrated by cheery Google doodle

Google is celebrating the season of temperate weather with a specially designed spring-themed version of the famous logo.

By March 20, 2012


Amazon fires shot at iPad's screen glare, price in new Kindle ad

Amazon doesn't mention the iPad by name, but Apple's tablet makes an appearance, and it's no secret which competitor it's referencing.

By February 9, 2012


DIY Weekend: Stone-washed cyclocomputer

An Arduino processor and an old pair of jeans is all you need to make a cyclocomputer that records your biking data while making good use of the pants you can't fit into anymore.

By March 19, 2011


Nine reasons smartphones are dumb remotes

Smartphones as next-gen remotes seem cool. But scratch the surface, and you realize what a terrible and impractical idea an app-enabled smartphone remote really is.

By November 5, 2010


Live at Google's search event: Google Instant

Google plans to host a search event featuring top executives and engineers Wednesday, and we're providing live coverage in this post.

By September 8, 2010


Hulu Plus on the go is still Hulu minus

Can Hulu Plus find a place in an off-the-grid TV user's heart who's already subscribed to Netflix? We give it a try to find out.

By July 20, 2010


118 800 answers privacy issues: 'We'll tell you where we got your data from'

118 800 has spoken out on privacy issues as the dust settles after last week's predictable howls of outrage. We put your concerns to one of the directory's directors

By June 19, 2009