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Staples agrees to progressive e-waste standards

The retail giant inks a deal with e-Stewards, an environment initiative that, among other things, prohibits the export of electronic waste to developing countries.

By April 22, 2013


Yahoo's Mayer: We'll spend wisely from any Alibaba windfall

Just look at Yahoo's track record, the CEO says, declaring Yahoo will be "good stewards" of the money it stands to make from Alibaba's IPO.

By May 7, 2014


With Alibaba windfall, all eyes on Yahoo's Mayer

The IPO promises to be one of the biggest events in Yahoo's recent history. But after the expected multibillion-dollar windfall, the company's going to be under intense pressure to improve performance.

By September 18, 2014


With Alibaba IPO filing, pressure mounts on Yahoo

As the Chinese e-commerce company prepares for its US market debut, the clock ticks for Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s turnaround effort to bear fruit.

By May 6, 2014


Why Apple needs Google now more than ever

Before you get caught up in this week's Apple's announcements, there's another factor that could inject new life into the Apple ecosystem.

By September 10, 2013


Where electronics go to die, responsibly

CNET tours an e-waste recycling center that disassembles electronics on site for downstream recycling to ensure that e-waste is handled responsibly and personal data is destroyed.

By May 13, 2011


'60 Minutes' examines the business of e-waste recycling

In Sunday's 60 Minutes, CBS TV news magazine examines the lucrative but shadowy business of mining the e-waste for valuable components, including gold.

By November 9, 2008


Recycler, tech companies step up e-waste standards

The country's largest recycling company is partnering with Sony and LG Electronics to meet international e-waste standards Congress has yet to adopt.

By September 25, 2008


Activists launch certification for e-waste recycling

With concerns over the disposal of electronic waste, a group of activists launch a certification program for electronic recycling while new services sprout up.

By November 10, 2008


DTV transition: Avoiding an e-waste 'tsunami'

Greenpeace and others warn of a surge in electronic waste as the U.S. shifts to digital television. Here's how to recycle or reuse your old analog TV properly.

By June 9, 2009