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Spot and avoid the latest online scams

Among the recent targets of Web criminals are students, renters, and romance-seekers; everyone is at risk though, so keep your defenses up, up, up.

By March 6, 2014


Apple billing e-mail scam making the rounds

A rather convincingly official-looking e-mail now in circulation attempts to steal personal information. Here are the telltale signs.

By December 27, 2011


E-mailed malware disguised as group coupon offers on the rise

Spammers take advantage of the rising popularity of e-mailed advertisements by mimicking them and attaching viruses.

By November 13, 2012


Phishing scam piggybacks on Apple Dev Center hack

With people no doubt on edge after the hacking of Apple's Web site for developers, scammers are sending out bogus e-mails in an apparent effort to steal passwords.

By July 25, 2013


3D printing stock scam, April Fools' joke, or both?

Sketchy-looking 3D printing "company" finds snag in fabric of reality, pulls.

By April 1, 2013


Avoid being a victim of an e-mail phishing scam

Thousands of usernames and passwords of Hotmail, Gmail, and possibly other services have been posted online as a result of a phishing attack. Here's how to protect yourself.

By October 6, 2009


Gmail now translates your (scam) e-mails

Gmail's got a new tool in its labs section that lets you quickly translate e-mail messages in other languages.

By May 19, 2009


Free services protect your e-mail

Send self-destructing notes outside your e-mail, combine and back up all your mail in a single searchable repository, and camouflage your e-mail address by converting it to a graphic.

By September 2, 2011


Phishing, e-mail money laundering scams on the rise

Security experts say they're detecting a marked increase in online scams amid the economic downturn.

By November 20, 2008


A new e-mail scam

Yet another e-mail-based scam, reminding us of the importance of always be skeptical about e-mail messages, and not to judge them based on the from address.

By August 21, 2007