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US looking to Google's Megan Smith to be chief tech officer?

As the search for the country's new CTO gets under way, one report says the choice could be the vice president of Google X.

By August 28, 2014


Nokia to announce Windows Phone 8 before Apple spruiks iPhone

Nokia may try and plant its smartphone seed in your mind before Apple has a chance to launch its latest iPhone.

By August 6, 2012


New Nexus 7 has dodgy GPS, owners complain

The new Nexus tablet has location-based woes, according to a slew of frustrated forum posts from US users.

By August 9, 2013


FCC, FTC to hold mobile location privacy forum

U.S. lawmakers have set up another meeting with representatives from Apple, Google, and possibly other companies to talk location privacy.

By May 17, 2011


What next for Nvidia Shield? More hints pop up

First came clues from the FCC and Nvidia itself. Now a device certification organization has let slip the mention of a "Shield Tablet."

By July 2, 2014


Apple to add HD audio playback in iOS 8 -- report

There may also be new versions of Apple's in-ear headphones and Lightning cables to support the HD-quality audio.

By May 13, 2014


Outrage grows as Google axes some Chrome extensions

Google's hard stance against Chrome extensions for Windows hosted outside the Chrome Web Store angers some businesses and their customers.

By June 16, 2014


Apple promises to fix 'home screen crash' iPhone bug

It's the black screen of death! Apple has acknowledged there's a bug in iOS 7 that causes devices to shut down apparently at random, and says it'll fix it soon.

By January 23, 2014


Apple to charge $149 for in-store iPhone 5 glass repair -- report

That's the word from forum posters and one recent report, which claims that Apple has finally gotten down to the business of fixing cracked screens in-store.

By June 4, 2013


Document scanning coming to Chrome OS

Google fills in a gap in its browser-based OS, building software to run scanners and an interface to let Web apps use it.

By May 23, 2014