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Visa buys CyberSource for e-commerce security

The credit card company is ponying up $2 billion for CyberSource, whose offerings include fraud detection capabilities.

By April 21, 2010


Web browser flaw could put e-commerce security at risk

Key piece of Internet technology that banks and e-commerce sites rely on to keep transactions safe suffers from a serious security vulnerability, an international team of researchers reports.

By December 30, 2008


New bill asks companies to notify EU of security breaches

The European Union works on legislation that would set up local cybersecurity agencies, in an effort to regulate tech companies that have access to user data.

By January 18, 2013


Rare peek: Inside Symantec's security fortress

The security world doesn't trust the Web. Symantec wants to prove naysayers wrong.

By August 23, 2012


Amazon addresses security exploit after journalist hack

After a tech reporter detailed his nightmarish saga of being hacked because of Amazon and Apple security flaws, the e-commerce giant says it has changed its system to make things more secure.

By August 7, 2012


Analysis: eHarmony had several password security fails

Security expert says password leak analysis illuminates several no-nos on the part of the dating site.

By June 25, 2012


Beware of counterfeit tablets, warns security vendor

With almost 100 new tablets debuting at CES this week, OpSec Security is warning potential buyers to be on the lookout for fakes being sold on certain Web sites.

By January 11, 2012


PayPal security chief on Epsilon breach and more (Q&A)

CIO Michael Barrett talks with CNET about the need to choose data outsourcers wisely in light of the Epsilon breach, why PayPal isn't re-issuing SecurIDs after the RSA breach, and other matters.

By April 9, 2011


Report: Half of apps have security problems

Veracode report finds problems with applications, particularly third-party apps.

By September 22, 2010


Column: The man who changed Internet security

Future vulnerability disclosures should benefit from Dan Kaminsky's responsible handling of Tuesday's DNS flaw.

By July 14, 2008