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Terror in Paris must not lead to Internet clampdowns

Commentary: Heavy-handed attempts at government control will surely backfire, hobbling today's dynamic, unfettered communication and commerce far more than they hinder evil acts.

By December 24, 2015


Visa buys CyberSource for e-commerce security

The credit card company is ponying up $2 billion for CyberSource, whose offerings include fraud detection capabilities.

By April 21, 2010


Amazon addresses security exploit after journalist hack

After a tech reporter detailed his nightmarish saga of being hacked because of Amazon and Apple security flaws, the e-commerce giant says it has changed its system to make things more secure.

By August 7, 2012


SOPA's most aggressive defender: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Supporters of the Stop Online Piracy Act, widely opposed by technology companies, have a secret weapon to win Republican support. It's the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

By November 30, 2011


Web browser flaw could put e-commerce security at risk

Key piece of Internet technology that banks and e-commerce sites rely on to keep transactions safe suffers from a serious security vulnerability, an international team of researchers reports.

By December 30, 2008


Exclusive: eBay removes page that exposed data

Following an inquiry from CNET, the e-commerce giant takes down a Web page that was being automatically filled in with other people's information.

By May 12, 2011


BuySAFE launches beta of e-commerce rating tool

New free browser tool rates e-commerce sites for consumer safety.

By July 22, 2008


White House pushes for online privacy bill of rights

The Commerce Department calls on Congress to pass a privacy bill of rights to give Internet users better control over the personal data captured from them online.

By March 17, 2011


Obama admin calls for more ICANN accountability

Commerce Department wants ICANN to be reformed from within and not replaced, saying "the United States is most assuredly opposed" to a United Nations Internet takeover.

By March 14, 2011


Obama to hand Commerce Dept. authority over cybersecurity ID

President Obama is planning to hand the Commerce Department authority over a forthcoming identity management plan for Internet commerce.

By January 7, 2011