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Amanda Palmer confronts the 'current nightmare of the modern musician' (Q&A)

The controversial musician and performance artist talks to CNET about Spotify, Kickstarter, and whether the music industry is killing the musicians it needs.

By April 3, 2014


Author's son: Mom slams e-book piracy but pirates songs

Anne B. Ragde, an award-winning Norwegian author, criticizes ebook piracy as theft. Sadly, her son reportedly reveals that she pirated 1,800 MP3 songs.

By December 13, 2010


Europe's high court says ISPs can hand over alleged pirate data

The European Court of Justice says that Sweden's laws have no barriers in place that would preclude an ISP from sharing an alleged pirates' data with rightsholders.

By April 19, 2012


Kindle e-book piracy accelerates

What's the dark side of the success of e-readers and e-books? In a word, piracy.

By February 18, 2011


'Kama Sutra' most pirated e-book of 2009

The list of 2009's most pirated e-books reveals that those who downloaded illegally are people with rather narrow minds and broad frustrations.

By January 4, 2010


Is iPad supercharging e-book piracy?

The huge popularity of the iPod indirectly fueled the piracy of music. Will the iPad do the same to e-books?

By May 14, 2010


Buzz Out Loud 1361: Celebrity zombies on Twitter (podcast)

Verizon's launching its LTE network on Sunday, the FCC is proposing a plan for Net neutrality tomorrow, and Google is about to take over the world EVEN MORE with its e-book venture (we're sure the EU is going to love that). Also, that deafening silence you hear on Twitter is the sound of a bunch of celebrities playing dead to raise money for AIDS. New meme: celebrity zombie impersonator accounts! Get yours today! --Molly

By December 1, 2010


Buzz Out Loud 966: We're gonna need a bigger e-book reader case

On today's show, thoughts on a bigger Kindle made for reading newspapers (fail), Sprint's earnings report (fail), whether Microsoft will allow downgrades from Windows 7 to Vista (fail) and "silver ooze" (winner!).

By May 4, 2009


Peter Sunde departs Pirate Bay

As spokesman for The Pirate Bay, Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi was noted for his sarcastic criticism of copyright owners. He says he wants to write a book, start new projects.

By August 3, 2009


Week in review: Avast, ye pirates

Guilty verdict issued in Pirate Bay file-swapping case. Also, human error blamed for Amazon's delisting of gay and lesbian books, and Google finally feels recession's pain.

By April 17, 2009