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E-bag's a way cool satchel

A self-cooling lunchbox concept with style. The notion of the E-bag concept is to tap the back-and-forth motion caused by lugging the 3-liter bag around.

By November 5, 2008


Apple slapped with lawsuit over mandatory employee bag checks

After allegedly being made to stand in line for "required but uncompensated security checks," former retail store employees sue the iPhone-maker for dozens of hours of unpaid wages.

By July 29, 2013


Did Google let the Fiber out of the bag?

A less-than-informative announcement has the tech press guessing that Google Fiber may be headed for Texas. Now a screenshot suggests a Google blogger jumped the gun and spilled the beans. And a TV report from Austin says, yes, it's a done deal.

By April 6, 2013


Ultimate laptop bag for Apple hipsters?

Timbuk2's limited-edition Mission MacBook Messenger bags are available exclusively from Apple.com, which tells you who they're designed for.

By March 28, 2012


Cat out of the bag? Apple testing Mac OS X 10.8

9to5Mac is reporting that the Cupertino, Calif.-based company is already testing its next operating system version, based on traffic-source data gathered from its site.

By October 31, 2011


Nokia N900 bags Skype video calling and Facebook IM with fresh update

Starving Nokia N900s gorge on a host of new features today. Most exciting? Video calls via Skype. Thanks, over the air update!

By May 25, 2010


Google grab bag: Chinese lawsuit, 9/11 ASCII art

Google fended off a Chinese trademark infringement suit, and captured the sudden arrival of searches for characters that show a plane and two towers.

By January 6, 2009


Google grab bag: Chrome skins and Gmail tweaks

Gmail Labs lets users customize their interface and find labeled messages faster; Chrome gets themes; Google contributes to MySQL; the future of search.

By September 10, 2008


Google grab bag: Translation, Apps uptime, and more

Company adds new translation abilities, potentially prepares for new YouTube ads, extends credit to paying Google Apps customers, and more.

By August 28, 2008


Google Grab bag: Gmail limits and more

Steve McQueen's Bullitt on Google Maps; Gmail limits; Google ads in China; Google I/O videos, building a mobile community.

By June 27, 2008