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Kyocera DuraPlus (Sprint)

If looks aren't important, and you want a basic rugged phone that can make good calls and withstand being kicked around and dropped underwater, consider the DuraPlus. But be aware: its clunkiness will give your hand a workout.

Mar. 26, 2012

3 stars Editors' rating Mar. 26, 2012

The DuraPlus keeps you connected in extreme conditions

Despite being a rugged phone that is shock-, dust-, and splash-proof, the Kyocera DuraPlus from Sprint is too heavy and thick for its own good, and its design is an eyesore.

By Mar. 23, 2012


Ultra-durable Kyocera DuraPlus available March 11

Arriving on the Sprint network, Kyocera's DuraPlus is a rugged phone built to withstand dust, water, and extreme temperatures.

By Feb. 29, 2012


Kyocera DuraPlus to bolster Sprint's rugged phone lineup

Joining the ranks of Sprint's rugged handset roster, the Kyocera DuraPlus is built to military toughness specs and even sports an LED flashlight.

By Jan. 31, 2012


Sprint sets sunset date for Nextel network

Sprint will kill off its iDEN network on June 30 next year as it moves customers over to its Direct Connect service.

By May. 29, 2012


Kyocera Hydro hands-on: Don't call it rugged

During CTIA 2012, Kyocera announced its newest Ice Cream Sandwich device, the waterproof Kyocera Hydro.

By May. 8, 2012


Kyocera unveils its new audio-boosting technology

Before CTIA 2012, Kyocera announced its novel audio technology that's built to boost clarity.

By May. 7, 2012


Sonim XP Strike

While the Sonim XP Strike is tough as nails, Sprint has other rugged devices that are better not only in performance, but in price too.

Jan. 16, 2013

3 stars Editors' rating Jan. 16, 2013

MSRP: $129.99


Kyocera DuraXT (Sprint)

Though its clamshell design isn't pretty, the Kyocera DuraXT is tough as nails, with great call quality, and a respectable camera to boot.

Jul. 25, 2012

3.5 stars Editors' rating Jul. 25, 2012

MSRP: $269.99


Kyocera Torque (Sprint)

Sprint's Kyocera Torque stands apart from other rugged smartphones by delivering a strong durable design without sacrificing features.

Mar. 13, 2013

3.5 stars Editors' rating Mar. 13, 2013

Pricing not available