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The 404 Show 1669: Pokemon Go for dummies, NES Classic Edition, Prime Day post-mortem (podcast)

Which Pokemon Go character are you? The results are shocking. Today Russ and Jeff breakdown the mobile phenomenon, blow on the cartridge of the NES Classic Edition and discuss what they bought on Amazon Prime Day.

By July 15, 2016


Weird, realistic dog dummies could assist veterinary colleges (Tomorrow Daily 376 show notes)

SynDaver already makes fake corpses for medical professionals to practice their techniques on, so why not dogs, too?

By June 7, 2016


Crash-test dummies: Muscle cars not that hot in IIHS testing

While not a single vehicle earned the group's Top Safety Pick rating, the Camaro and Mustang were close in different ways.

By May 24, 2016


A browser for people who think Chrome is for dummies

Vivaldi 1.0, from the creators of Opera, is crammed with options for those of you who want to break out of the confines of ordinary browsers.

By April 5, 2016


Good job, dummy: Aussie prime minister rips off campaign slogan from 'Veep'

It was the "most meaningless election slogan" they could think of -- now the creators of "Veep" are laughing after Australia's highest elected official took their catchphrase for himself.

By March 22, 2016


Jensen Karp dishes on the $300 Kanye West owes him (Tomorrow Daily 379 show notes)

Back in the '90s, Kanye West worked with today's guest and ended up owing him $300. We ask how that happened, and about more wild stories in Jensen Karp's new book.

By June 10, 2016


Best routers for newbies, advanced users and the everyman

You consider yourself an advanced or general user? A newbie, maybe? No matter. Whoever you are, CNET editor Dong Ngo suggests a router that will work best for you.

By June 11, 2016


Get a pair of sport wireless earbuds for $14.49

From the Cheapskate: These buds are for you, especially if you're a regular gym-goer. Plus two ebook bonus deals!

By May 19, 2016


Souped-up Vivaldi browser nabs nearly a million users

The Scandinavian browser startup, aiming for power users who want lots of options, says its foothold is a fifth of the way toward profitability.

By May 11, 2016


Google Chrome sneaks past Internet Explorer to become top browser

Chrome is now officially No. 1, according to Web tracker Net Market Share, as Microsoft's IE continues to lose traction.

By May 2, 2016