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Is this the world's most adorable octopus?

An as-yet undescribed species of octopus is just so gosh-darn cute that it may be named for its charms.

By June 18, 2015


Airscape: A gravity-shifting octo-platformer on show at PAX Aus 2014

Created by a world-spanning team of students, Airscape is a puzzling platformer about an octopus trying to escape his alien abductors.

By November 3, 2014


Lovefilm adds Disney classics to streaming Instant service

Lovefilm has signed up a bunch of family-friendly movies from Disney -- not the entire House of Mouse canon, but a great sample.

By June 17, 2013


AT&T solar stations offer quick recharge in New York

The telecom company has installed 25 Street Charge stations in parks throughout the five boroughs of New York. The initial run marks a trial for a potential broader deployment.

By June 18, 2013


Netflix signs unprecedented movie deal with Disney

The deal will let Netflix subscribers stream films from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation, Marvel and Disneynature. Starting in 2016, that is. You knew there was a catch.

By December 4, 2012


Mary Blair, Disney artist, honoured by Google

Mary Blair, the artist responsible for Disney classics like Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan, has been given the Google Doodle treatment.

By October 21, 2011


An amazing 3D sound game for children

Brett Paine Murphy's amazing audio board game allows children as young as 5 to play with 3D sound.

By October 9, 2011


Android is a wish your heart makes as Disney launches smart phone in Japan

Disney. Japan. Android. Smart phone. Boom -- four of our favourite things, coming together like two dogs hoovering up a piece of spaghetti.

By January 18, 2011


Speaker dock would make Dumbo proud

"LiveSpeakR" stereo for iPhone looks like elephant ears.

By February 21, 2008


Brooklyn's mesmerizing sound artists

The Audiophiliac finds two terrific sound installations at the recent DUMBO Art Festival in Brooklyn.

By October 23, 2008