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The eight not-so-great: 2013's handset duds (pictures)

Not everything in the past is seen through rose-colored glasses. Case in point: these eight phones that stood out in 2013 for their disappointing failures.

8 Images By December 16, 2013


Dud alert: 'Facebook phone' on sale for 99 cents

AT&T is almost giving away the HTC First, which comes preloaded with Facebook Home.

By May 8, 2013


Higgs boson revelation set for July 4: Fireworks, or dud?

Physicists in Europe are ready to offer up their latest findings on a mysterious subatomic particle known as the Higgs boson. And the universe may never be the same.

By July 2, 2012


Don't believe the hype: The CE biz was a dud this year

The industry saw revenue rise only slightly, well below expectations, as the economy took its toll on consumer demand. Black Friday still looks promising though.

By November 21, 2011


The five biggest digital audio duds of 2009

From the questionably useful to the questionably legal to the just plain dumb.

By December 22, 2009


Deodorant duds for sweat-prone professionals

The Japanese Farago Aircool suit is made with a deodorant antibacterial silver ion lining to absorb sweat and stifle smell.

By August 11, 2008


JobDud is the BBB meets Yelp for disgruntled employees

Job a dud? Let other people know, and avoid your workplace with Jobdud.

By January 29, 2008


Cheese gripper: Finger savior or prep-work dud?

A gizmo that's meant to protect fingers from the evils of the cheese grater does the trick but makes it hard to actually grate cheese.

By August 20, 2007


Vista key generator is a dud

By March 6, 2007


Google Talk: the dud in the Google lineup

Google Talk: the dud in the Google lineup

By July 25, 2006