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Where's My Water 2 for iOS

Where's My Water 2 is a fun sequel that is sadly overshadowed by a brutal freemium model that makes it impossible for me to recommend it to anyone.

By Sep. 12, 2013

2.5 stars Editor's rating Sep. 12, 2013

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Liquid physics games for iOS

Jason Parker loves puzzle games and this week's collection of apps is all about mind-bending challenges that use liquid physics.

By Jul. 6, 2012


Road Trip Pic of the Day: The secrets of perfection

For nine weeks, CNET ran a daily photo challenge, asking readers to identify a mystery picture. Here's how the contest winner got 100 percent of the right answers.

By Aug. 13, 2012


Color-changing coffee lid says 'safety first!'

Coffee lid turns color to indicate that contents are too hot for drinking, or if the lid isn't on tightly and might cause a spill.

By Aug. 21, 2007


Mouse morphs into a disco ball

Japan's nutty SolidAlliance does it again

By Apr. 5, 2007


USB keys get stoned

Swarovski crystals strike again

By Feb. 13, 2007