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Apple dual-sensor patent could yield better iPhone photos

The newly awarded patent highlights a method to avoid many of the flaws that sabotage photos taken through today's mobile devices.

By July 23, 2013


HTC all but confirms dual camera for HTC One 2

The slow trickle of details about the "all new" HTC One teases continues as the handset maker takes to social media with a coy image that teases two camera lenses.

By March 4, 2014


Kickstart a 3D scanner for your iPad

Structure Sensor is a 3D scanner that attaches to your iPad's camera to create three-dimensional models by scanning the world around you.

By September 17, 2013


Apple envisions three sensors to improve iPhone's color photos

A newly granted patent describes a mobile device equipped with three sensors to enhance the colors in your photos.

By July 30, 2013


Panasonic's pricey Lumix 3D1 3D point-and-shoot on its way

Panasonic must really think people care about creating their own 3D photos and movies.

By November 6, 2011


2011 digital-camera preview

Here's a look at what we expect to see in digital cameras at CES 2011 and throughout the year.

By December 16, 2010


Sony Alpha DSLR-A300 and A350: Mirror, mirror

Sony has announced two new entry-level α (Alpha) dSLRs: the A300 and A350. Both boast innovative tilting screens and dual-sensor, dual-mirror live view function

By January 31, 2008