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How to dual-boot Windows 7 with Windows 8

Dual-booting your Windows 7 PC with Windows 8 can help you ease into using Windows 8.

By September 13, 2012


Fujitsu phone dual-boots Symbian, Windows 7

NTT DoCoMo reveals the Fujitsu LOOX F-07C, which is capable of using Symbian OS or Windows 7 on a 4-inch touch screen. It's not as painful as you think.

By May 16, 2011


ViewSonic 10Pro 10-inch dual-boot tablet runs Windows 7 and Android 2.2

ViewSonic is pouncing on the professional folk who want to spend half their day working and the other half cruising Facebook with the ViewPad 10Pro that runs Windows 7 and Android 2.2.

By February 11, 2011


Chrome OS won't dual-boot Windows

Google has confirmed the new Google Chrome operating system won't dual-boot Windows, or any other operating system.

By December 9, 2010


Acer's Netbook line adds dual-boot Android version

Acer's Aspire One line of Netbooks is adding a dual-boot version that will include both Windows XP and Google's Android operating system.

By October 15, 2009


Dual boot Windows 7 beta

Inspired by CNET's Quick Tips and First Looks on Windows 7 beta, but not sure how to install it correctly? Never fear; this video guide will help you create a dual-boot configuration so you can run the preview of Microsoft's latest OS without destroying your older operating system.

January 23, 2009


Dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu Linux

Let Ubuntu repartition your hard drive so you can jump between Windows and Linux on the same PC.

By January 3, 2008


Dual-boot Windows and Linux, step 1: Get Ubuntu

The transition from Windows to Linux begins by preparing an Ubuntu installation CD.

By January 2, 2008


Microsoft squashes talk of dual-boot XO laptop

Microsoft and the OLPC are working on a laptop that would be capable of running Windows and Linux, but it's not a dual-boot system. Sort of.

By January 10, 2008


Dual-booting One Laptop Per Child, and not with the Mac

OLPC is getting itself some Windows, but where's the sense in that, asks CNET Blog Network contributor Matt Asay.

By January 9, 2008