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D-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug DSP-W110

D-Link's latest Wi-Fi Smart Plug delivers Belkin WeMo Switch functionality for less.

By September 16, 2014


MotionDSP promises better photos and video

A CIA-funded start-up hopes consumers as well as spooks will be interested in technology to improve the quality of photos and videos.

By January 25, 2008


Texas Instruments to upgrade DSP line

The launch this week of digital signal processors that run at 1GHz should help TI keep its top spot in providing chips for cellular base stations, video production gear and other systems.

By January 18, 2004


China develops its own DSP

Researchers at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University independently create a digital signal processor, another milestone in the growth of the Chinese chip industry.

February 28, 2003


Yamaha RX-V540

Yamaha's surround-savvy receiver comes with a couple of unique features and some fine DSP programs.

By July 24, 2003

3.5 stars Editors' rating July 24, 2003

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TI, Realnetworks expand DSP efforts

Texas Instruments and RealNetworks on Monday announced that they have broadened their partnership to offer streaming audio and video software for video equipment that uses digital signal processing (DSP). That equipment includes set-top boxes and video phones based on Internet Protocol (IP), network video appliances, personal video recorders, streaming media servers and security surveillance equipment. TI is a leading manufacturer of DSP chips, which clean up and enhance digital transmissions. As part of the agreement, TI will include RealAudio and RealVideo software in its TMS320C6000 DSP systems, allowing manufacturers of video equipment that use C6000 DSPs to provide their customers with access to audio and video streamed over the Internet. C6000 DSPs that include the RealNetworks software will begin shipping in the fourth quarter.

August 13, 2001


Israeli team wins DSP contest

Three students from the Technion/Israel Institute of Technology won the $100,000 grand prize in Texas Instruments' contest for university engineering students to create new applications using TI's TMS320 digital signal processor. The three students from the Haifa-based university used the programmable DSP to create a real-time digital watermarking system for audio signals using "perceptual masking," according to TI. With this technology, a signature can be embedded within the data of a signal, thus resolving multiple ownership claims to digital media. The digital watermark is inaudible to the human ear, virtually undetectable and resistant to attempts to remove it, TI said. In addition to the student prize, the Technion team's advising professor won $15,000. TI received 241 entries from 730 students in 37 countries.

By August 7, 2001


TI losing ground in DSP market

After years of gaining share in the market for digital signal processors, Texas Instruments saw its portion shrink in 2000.

March 5, 2001


TI helps build university DSP labs

Texas Instruments said Thursday it will give $300,000, software and equipment to Tel Aviv University to aid the school in setting up two digital signal processing (DSP) laboratories. DSPs are chips used in cell phones, digital cameras, cable modems, broadband access equipment and upcoming third-generation wireless devices. DSP labs will allow students to work with DSP hardware and software, as well as analog technologies. The labs are scheduled to open in October. They will be dubbed the Advanced Teaching Laboratory for DSP, which will serve undergraduates, and the Research and Projects DSP Laboratory, for both undergraduate and graduate students.

February 22, 2001


Texas Instruments banks on demand for DSP chips

The maker of digital signal processors is aggressively marketing the chips for a range of gear from cable modems to Internet audio players and digital cameras.

June 1, 2000