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Nintendo 2DS

At $130, the 2DS offers a huge array of compelling software and makes for a great entry-level gaming system to the uninitiated first-time gamer. Just be sure to buy a protective case along with it, too.

October 2, 2013

3.5 stars Editors' rating October 2, 2013

Boston Acoustics Horizon i-DS2

While the Boston Acoustics Horizon i-DS2 packs a punch, other iPod speakers will deliver you a better bang for your buck.

August 18, 2008

3 stars Editors' rating August 18, 2008

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Pentax *ist DS2

The compact and inexpensive Pentax *ist DS2 performs well and blends automation and manual controls into a beginner-friendly dSLR. For those approaching the dSLR market with a bag of Pentax lenses--or no lenses at all--it's worth considering.

March 26, 2006

3.5 stars Editors' rating March 26, 2006

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Nintendo 2DS plays 3DS games, is cheap and square

The 2DS, announced today, plays 3DS games in 2D. It's cheaper than its three-dimensional sibling and is out in the US in October.

By August 28, 2013


2DS has one big screen

The Nintendo 2DS has just one large LCD under its plastic facade rather than two separate screens.

By October 15, 2013


Nintendo 2DS hands-on

The Nintendo 2DS is a no-frills version of its 3D counterpart, but makes for a solid, inexpensive, and kid-friendly portable console.

By September 27, 2013


Hands-on with the Nintendo 2DS (pictures)

We try out Nintendo's new $129 non-3D gaming handheld and stack it up against the 3DS and other devices.

15 Images By September 27, 2013


Friday Poll: Will you buy a Nintendo 2DS?

The newly announced Nintendo 2DS handheld gaming console is taking a lot of flack for its looks, but the low price point may pave the way to acceptance.

By August 30, 2013


Some of our favorite Nintendo 2DS jabs so far

Oh, snap! And we're not just talking about the lack of a hinge here. Word of Nintendo's new budget-friendly non-foldable handheld gaming device gets the jokes flowing.

By August 28, 2013


Nintendo 2DS handheld targets new crowd

The Wii U Deluxe and Nexus 4 drop in price, Nintendo's portable system takes a new shape, and Angry Birds "Go" after Mario Kart.

By August 28, 2013