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Smarter driver: Drowsy-driving tech

Brian Cooley takes a look at new technology from car makers that can help detect when you're sleepy.

By February 9, 2015


Ford tech keeps drowsy drivers in check

Nodding off behind the wheel may be the ultimate form of distracted driving, and Ford is the latest manufacturer to use technology to keep drivers alert behind the wheel.

By October 31, 2011


Anti-drowsy-driving company releases iPhone, iPad app

Smartphones are often thought of as driver distractions in cars, but could a new app actually help save lives? Anti Sleep Pilot, an automotive technology company in Denmark, has released an app for iPhones and iPads that monitors driver alertness and calculates when a driver is too drowsy to drive.

By February 25, 2011


Denso's dashboard watches for drowsy drivers

At this year's Detroit auto show, Denso showed off a concept dashboard that merged robotics, a smartphone app, and traffic infrastructure integration.

By January 10, 2011


Volvo's Lotta Jakobsson talks car safety

Lotta Jakobsson from Volvo Cars talks to CNET Australia about car safety, its future and how the company developed its drowsiness warning system.

By May 3, 2011


Tiny Eyetracker watches for sleepy drivers

More innovation in the field of keeping-drivers-awake tech. This time, a dashboard-mounted camera setup that watches a driver's eyes for drowsiness.

By October 14, 2010


Fujitsu car tech senses driver drowsiness

Still in the research phase, the sensors track a driver's heartbeat to tell when they could be falling asleep while driving.

By November 7, 2008


Drive Alert Master: A new angle on drowsy driving

Drive Alert Master: a new angle on drowsy driving

By October 8, 2007


More crashing waves to make us drowsy

How many times can a white-noise machine be reinvented?

By August 9, 2007


Car seat knows when you need a nap

Researchers developing seat that detects drowsiness

By March 6, 2007