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Samsung dribbles four new colours onto Galaxy S3

Love the SGS3 but don't fancy white or blue? Earthy mineral-inspired shades are incoming, says Samsung -- including 'Garnet Red' and 'Amber Brown'.

By September 11, 2012


Google dribbles out PowerMeter smart-grid service

Company partners with smart-meter manufacturer and eight utilities to offer its Web-based application for monitoring home energy use.

By May 20, 2009


Yahoo open pages continue to dribble out

Yahoo added an eBay application to the dashboard area of the new Yahoo home page in testing.

By November 20, 2008


Sony NGP praised to the rooftops by Quake and Gears of War gurus

Sony's freshly announced NGP gaming handheld is making developers dribble, including id Software's John Carmack and Epic's Mark Rein, who have both hailed its processing power.

By January 31, 2011


Australian Federal Election 2007: a CNET.com.au guide

This Saturday's federal election promises to be the most exciting in at least a decade. If you're undecided as to who to vote for or just can't wait until the first results dribble through, there's a plethora of ways to stay informed.

By November 19, 2007


Samsung LE46F86: 1080p LCD TV causes mass drooling

If you want the ultimate LCD TV technology and a damp chin, might we suggest you cast your eye over the new Samsung LE46F86, a TV whose plethora of yummy features that will make you dribble

By September 13, 2007


Samsung's World Cup ends late (and badly)

Samsung releases the second half of its World vs. Aliens soccer match after the World Cup is over. Did the aliens win? Did the world end?

By July 16, 2014


Xbox 2 signs pile up

Clues continue to dribble out regarding the release of the next version of Microsoft's Xbox video game console, all supporting predictions that Xbox 2 will be the hot item for this year's holiday shopping season. [Missing Links]

By January 19, 2005


Google doodles Rorschach's inkblots: What does it all mean?

The man who suggested that inkblots might mean far more than you imagined is Friday's subject for Google veneration. And you can participate.

By November 7, 2013


Why Sprint can't hit the gas on cheaper plans...yet

CNET News talks to Sprint CEO Dan Hesse on why he has to be deliberate about any potential pricing moves.

By July 30, 2014