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Police drone captures illegal fliers in a literal dragnet (Tomorrow Daily 286)

Ashley discusses drones catching other drones like little kids catch butterflies and how, starting today, you can officially apply to be an NASA astronaut.

By December 14, 2015


Japanese drones using sky nets to stop illegal flights (Tomorrow Daily 286 show notes)

SKY NETS. Do you see what we did there? We'll show ourselves out.

By December 14, 2015


Google fights back against Rockstar patent group

The company files suit against the Apple- and Microsoft-backed consortium, asserting that its "patent dragnet" has placed a cloud over Google's Android platform.

By December 26, 2013


ACLU: FBI used 'dragnet'-style warrantless cell tracking

FBI tracked locations of 180 different cell phones without obtaining a warrant signed by a judge, court documents show. Activist groups chime in.

By June 22, 2010


NSA shifts to e-mail, Web, data-mining dragnet

Recent reports say the National Security Agency is more focused on surveillance of e-mail, Web browsing, and search terms than ever before.

By March 11, 2008


FBI's top lawyer defends data-dragnet powers

Patriot Act is vital in aiding investigations into attacks such as the London subway bombing, the FBI's general counsel says.

By November 15, 2007


Just how extensive is NSA's spy program?

The Bush administration isn't talking. But some hints suggest it's a dragnet that records much more than phone calls.

By December 22, 2005


Lawmaker seeks info on RIAA dragnet

The recording industry's wave of subpoenas that target individual file-swappers draws the critical attention of the chair of the Senate's investigations subcommittee.

By July 31, 2003


Hot spots elude RIAA dragnet

The anonymity provided by wireless broadband access points is hindering the record industry's fight to stop people from trading songs and movies online.

By July 16, 2003


Senator wants to ban P2P networks

But backers of bill to outlaw file-swapping networks seek to quell worries that iPods could be caught in the dragnet.

By July 22, 2004