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Dr. Phil to Twitter: Is it OK to have sex with drunk girl?

A tweet from the famous TV shrink gets a stormy reaction from his followers and others. It is later removed.

By August 21, 2013


Conan reads emojis, detects strange meanings

Conan O'Brien is confident he understands all the new emoji characters. Perhaps he's over-confident.

By June 25, 2014


Why does Apple want Beats? No one really seems to know

Apple’s rumored $3.2 billion takeover of the trendy music brand has left many scratching their heads.

By May 10, 2014


2013: Michelle's favourite moments of the year

2013 was a ripper of a year. Here are some of Michelle's favourite things that happened over the last 12 months.

By December 29, 2013


Joss Whedon joins Twitter

The director of "The Avengers" and creator of such shows as "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" and "Firefly" has finally joined the the ranks of Twitter.

By May 13, 2013


Man-and-woman Mars trip by 2018? Can you say 'couples counseling'?

Wealthy space buff makes serious announcement about sending a man and woman on a bare-bones flyby past the Red Planet. But building a cheap, reliable spacecraft in five years is just one issue facing planners.

By February 27, 2013


Apple's closing shot hits at Samsung 'copycat' docs

In its closing argument against Samsung, Apple once again hammers away at its rival over internal documents.

By August 21, 2012


The computer technician who's allergic to technology

Phil Inkly, 36, now lives in the woods because, he says, gadgets give him nosebleeds, blackouts, and many other unpleasant things.

By July 24, 2012


Mobile carriers: Five predictions for 2012

AT&T's bid to buy T-Mobile for $39 billion dominated the news in 2012, but even though the deal is dead, the deal-making is likely to continue.

By January 2, 2012


Robot cuts the neck scar out of thyroid surgery

Guided by surgeons at a console, the da Vinci Surgical System enables access to the thyroid through the armpit, thereby avoiding the hallmark neck incision.

By July 6, 2010